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Testimonials From Reflexology Course Students

It is over 20 years since I qualified as a reflexologist with Sheila Nugent Chrysalis School of Reflexology. Recently I completed the Advanced Reflexology 3 day course. Sheila is an inspirational teacher & practitioner. We had 3 wonderful days to upskill and practise new techniques such as collation, hand & face reflexology with the guidance of Sheila who is outstanding at what she does. This course has given me the confidence to work with all clients regardless of their state of health. It is a must for all recent and no so recent qualified reflexologists. Thank you Sheila. Mary

I studied for my Diploma in Reflexology with Sheila and then went on to take her Advanced Reflexology training. I found Sheila to be an inspiration - her style of teaching just clicked with me. She is so knowledgeable but never allows you to feel out of your depth or unsure of your ability. I always looked forward to class and she has given me a real love for Reflexology and holistic health.

Since completing my training I have been lucky enough to establish and grow my own little business. Clients love the style of Reflexology I learnt from Sheila and often comment on how different it is to other treatments they have had. Through the Advanced training I have been able to work with clients who are receiving palliative care - this has been especially rewarding. I also began offering Reflexology for Fertility, this is a real commitment both for me and the client but I am thrilled to say that my first Fertility client called me yesterday to say she is expecting. There are no words to describe how lovely it is to think that you might have played a part at helping an incoming soul find its place in the world. Thank you Sheila x

Jenny Morris

Having completed my Diploma in Reflexology through the Sheila Nugent School Of Reflexology in June , I cannot recommend Sheila highly enough as a tutor. I trained with a great varied bunch of ladies from all walks of life whom all added life experiences and brilliant fun to our course.
However it was Sheila's in-depth knowledge of Reflexology and most certainly her life experiences that taught us to read and treat the feet in all aspects, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We received a copy of all the course notes and Sheila was always at the end of her email whenever we needed her, be it for advice on course work or even just reassurance for ourselves as Reflexologists.
Sheila is professional in every aspect of her work and aims to instill that in every new student she meets. Despite her professional nature, Sheila is a caring, warm, funny, friendly lady who will lead you by the hand into the interesting holistic world of Reflexology and teach you the many benefits of it. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course and was frequently in awe of the things that I was learning from the feet.
We were head first into practical work which was brilliant on hindsight as it made us lose any nerves we may have had. It also made the course work more understandable and interesting by learning both the book work and practical end together. I wold highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning the art of Reflexology and I looking forward to attending the Advanced course next year . Jennifer Alcorn Letterkenny

I have just received my Reflexology Diploma from Sheila and have to say I enjoyed every minute of every class. This woman is a wealth of knowledge and I could only dream to know as much as she does some day.
Even once I got my qualification and started seeing clients I bombarded Sheila with emails asking all sorts of questions but nothing was ever a bother to her and I always got really informative answers very quickly.
Can't wait to go back and do the Advanced course.
Aoife Mc Aleer

I have always had a keen interest in holistic therapies and had wished to complete a reflexology course for a while. Despite lacking in confidence from day one I found that Sheila has a great ability to put all her students at ease no matter what their academic ability or background.
She is an excellent teacher and communicator and her knowledge of how the human body is interlinked is impressive. She was able to expand beyond the realms of reflexology to help us see how we can help our clients in other ways. I loved her captivating anecdotes and how she has encouraged me in this part of my journey.
Our classes were made up of a lovely mix of ladies and we all got on really well and have definitely made friends for life. I would heartily recommend training under Sheila. I am currently undertaking Sheila's Advanced Reflexology course which I am enjoying and which will give me more confidence to treat clients with more serious problems.Thanks. Amanda Patterson

I highly recommend Sheila Nugent as a provider for the reflexology course. The professionalism in which the course was carried out was second to none. I found all classes extremely informative, fun and taught at an extremely high level. Both the theory and the practical aspects of the course were covered to an impeccable standard. I really enjoyed the holistic aspect of the course also.
Having completed this course I can now look back and say it was the most enjoyable and worthwhile course I have ever had the privilege to complete. A truly worthwhile accomplishment along with the pleasure of making some lovely friends along the way. Thank you Sheila x Sinéad Mc Aleer O Neill

Ann Finn, Belleek

I found the Reflexology Course I did with Sheila Nugent of the Chrysalis School of Reflexology a really excellent course.

The learning was so well organised and the classes so stimulating that it became easy to assimilate.

She created such a friendly atmosphere and the group was so warm and helpful that I looked forward a great deal to the sessions.

She presented us with copies of all the required study notes and clear information so we could reflect on it before and after the sessions and between classes.

The practical lessons were so well directed and everything explained that the learning came easy even to me at 82 years young!

Barry Mc Greevy, Belfast
'I thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience which was practical, educational and very well delivered.Learning that reflexology was not just about relaxation, but could form part of a holistic approach to illness and injury recovery, was surprising and interesting. The lessons were well structured and Sheila was always available for any reason.I was unsure of the value of reflexology before enrolling on this course, but now I hope to make it the focal point of my practice.'

Sarah Frecknall Belfast
'I have recently completed the Reflexology Diploma with Sheila Nugent and would thoroughly recommend it to any prospective student. I had been interested in reflexology for some time and enrolling on the course was one of the best decisions I have made. The practical and theory work was demanding but with Sheila's support and wealth of knowledge I found the confidence to grow as a student and therapist. The course opened my eyes to a more holistic way of living, helped me improve my self awareness and broadened my empathy for others. Sheila is an inspiring, thought provoking and passionate teacher and I look forward to enrolling on her Advanced Diploma course in the future.'

Margaret Foley, Glaslough Co. Monaghan
On my successful completion of the Reflexology course held in Belfast over the past year. You a wonderful, patient and easy going Tutor, forever motivating and encouraging your students to push forward and achieve our goals. It is through the sequence in which we were taught by you that we have accomplished this diploma. This course has given me and I expect other students confidence and the ability to now perform Reflexology in the professional manner reflected by you Sheila. Many thanks and hope to see you again. P.S congratulations also to all the other students in our group who passed their exams.'

Joanne Wells, Donaghadee
'When I enrolled in the Sheila Nugent school of reflexology I was very apprehensive as I thought perhaps I would be too old for the course! From the first day I felt very comfortable and welcomed with the mix of all ages and Sheila herself commented you are never too old to learn!! The course was a challenge! But the well structured classes with a mix of theory and practical were well thought through and Sheila was always positive and very approachable and encouraging. We all grew in confidence and knowledge and I am so proud to be a qualified therapist now and embrace the holistic approach to life. Sheila is a true inspiration and a mind of anecdotes and life experiences. I would thoroughly recommend the course. I also look forward to continuing with the Advanced course in the future. Thanks again Sheila.'

Samantha Henry, Belfast
'I really enjoyed studying for the diploma in reflexology. I started as I had seen first hand how beneficial it can be when caring for the chronically and terminally ill (I'm a nurse) . The course was really interesting and as my technique improved so did the queue of willing volunteers! I would really recommend this course it is a great holistic treatment and it has even inspired me to go on as I plan to attend the advanced course later in the year. Thanks so much again Sheila.'

Susan Hourihane, Bundoran Co.Donegal
'I grew up with an holistic approach in my life, my mother had studied reflexology when I was younger so I was always interested in reflexology and new some of the benefits it can give. I started the reflexology at the same time as my degree. Thankfully a lot of the subjects tied in with the study of reflexology, which is a lot more than I expected, as it is not just about receiving a therapy on your feet. At times I felt a little stressed due to studying both but Sheila was very understanding and positive which made me feel capable. Sheila really boosted my positive energy as she believed in not just me but our whole class. Sheila's teaching was brilliant as she has great experience and gladly shared her knowledge with us. I would highly recommend Sheila as a teacher as she has full faith in the holistic approach and her students.Thank you so much Sheila for your faith and knowledge. I am delighted that I am able to give this to others through reflexology treatments. Lots of love Susan XXX'

Connie Mercer, Bangor

'I Thoroughly enjoyed Sheila Nugent's Reflexology course. Sheila is professional, supportive, and has a great deal of knowledge and experience. She made the course extremely interesting and but also fun. I learned a great deal and now feel confident to practice as a reflexologist. I would definitely recommend this course and I look forward to attending Sheila's advanced course.'

Vicki Tierney, Inver Co.Donegal
'I was almost nine months pregnant when I embarked upon my reflexology journey with your good self. At the time I was so excited and determined as this was something I've wanted to do for a long time. The older I get the more obvious it becomes how incredibly short our journey here is, and how quickly the months and years merge into memories... so instead of saying "someday" it was a "now" for me last year.
Right from the beginning I found both the subject and the teacher equally inspiring and neither my determination nor interest ever waned. After my son was born life was busier than ever, as happens a few spanners were thrown into the middle of our lives through work, but, irrespective of it all I just loved every minute spent learning about and practising my reflexology.
The energy I've always felt from and around others is now something I can use in such a positive way and while doing it I feel the benefits enormously. My son was the first person to reap the benefits as my tiny guinea pig for the case studies and literally in front of my eyes I saw the very tangible effects reflexology had on him and in turn our household. The most eye opening and comforting thing I've experienced is the effect our energies have on one another.
Remaining positive and productive I really want to continue down this road for as long as I can and just keep learning and absorbing. As a teacher you have a remarkable talent of being extremely captivating and memorable. Your words and advice regularly come back to me exactly how you said it. Thanks again Sheila so much and as soon as its possible I will be back to your thoroughly enjoyable refreshing presence to learn some more from the best x.'

Jane Watt, Lisburn
'I have always had a very strong interest in complementary therapies, and qualified as a fitness instructor and massage therapist in 1996 when living in England. Then having experienced first hand the powerful healing benefits of Reflexology, I knew this was something I wanted to train in too, so after doing some research in to courses available in Northern Ireland I decided to enroll in Sheila's course.
I had heard lots of good things about Sheila, my own reflexologist who qualified around the same time as Sheila, holds her in high esteem, and that was a great recommendation as far as I was concerned. I enjoyed the course so much and am now embarking on a career in Reflexology. The course content was in depth and the passion with which Sheila teaches, makes learning quite easy. I have just completed Sheila's Advanced Reflexology course. I felt it was important to complete this course in order for me to feel fully competent in treating cancer sufferers, and clients with fertility issues or others who are pregnant, through each stage of their pregnancy.
In addition to fertility and cancer care reflexology, this course also covered Chinese method reflexology, a much deeper technique which I now love using where appropriate, it can be very effective. Completion of the Advanced Reflexology course with Sheila has given me the confidence to give a reflexology treatment to anybody, no matter what their current state of health.'

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