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Baby & Toddler Reflexology Day

Open To Qualified Reflexologists

We are running a Baby & Toddler Reflexology Day March 2020 this is open to qualified Reflexologists.

Reflexology For Babies

If you are a qualified Reflexologist and you would be interested in attending on the day please can you get in touch by emailing me at or you can fill in the form on the Contact Us page.

Reflexology & Children

Here is some information on the subject of reflexology and children:

Reflexology is just as effective when used on children as any adult. Possibly more effective, for two reasons (a) they have had less experience of the trials and tribulations of life and so tend to bring with them less "emotional baggage" and (b) the problems they have tend to be fairly new and therefore have had less chance to do damage to the body as a whole.


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