Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology
Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology

Holistic Reflexology Course

Reflexology is the practice of working on pressure points on the feet, hands or head using alternating pressure on specific points which reflect to corresponding parts of the body. This in turn creates a response to alleviate stress and tension in the person and deal with everyday stressful situations.

What does it cover?

  • The holistic approach of Complementary Therapies
  • Introduction to practical work
  • The Philosophy of Complementary Medicine
  • Personal Growth & Development of the Practitioner
  • Refinement of the Sensitivity through touch and intuitiveness
  • History of Reflexology
  • Code of Practice and Ethics
  • Anatomy and Physiology to include comprehensiv knowledge of the body/mind, their functions and dysfunctions, nature of disease and consequential result in body
  • Home assignments should include detailed case studies
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the Charts
  • Colour in relation to health
  • Body Symbology (body/mind connection)

Exam Requirements

  • Written Paper
  • Practical
  • Case Studies

When do the Courses Begin?

Courses usually commence March and September

The cost of the course is £895 + £110 exam fee, a non-refundable deposit of £200 is required.

Where are the Courses held?

Courses are available in Cookstown and Belfast 2019

Belfast 21st September 2019

Cookstown 28th September 2019

Post-Graduation Courses

Baby & Toddler Reflexology
Reading the Feet 29th September 2019
Advanced Reflexology January 2020
Please note a non-refundable deposit for all courses will be required, once your application is submitted and accepted methods of payment will be forwarded to you.
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Courses approved by The Federation of Holistic Therapies

Course Director: Sheia Nugent. M.I.R.I, I.C.R, F.H.T.