Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology
Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology
My name is Sheila and I qualified as a Reflexologist in 1983 from the Churchill Foundation Centre, London WI, and as a Reflexology tutor in 1984, then trained with Relate as a Counsellor in 1984. I received my Yoga Training Certificate from the Yoga Fellowship NI and teach both adults and students relaxation and stress management.

Self Development And Self Healing

Having worked in the field of self development for 40 years I have a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in many disciplines. With a common sense approach and easy manner I make the courses as informative and interesting as possible. The courses are presently being held in Cookstown & Belfast.

My aim is to help each person discover the full potential of their own creative powers and use it for personal growth and healing.

Reflexology Course Students

What I look for in my students is an openness and understanding about themselves, and a willingness to learn compassion for themselves and their fellow human beings.

Aims And Objectives Of Holistic Therapy

The aim of our training is to provide a high standard of knowledge and expertise in all of the therapies, to facilitate the practical application of the therapy to the best therapeutic effect and to assist the student in gaining a true holistic understanding.

Our Objectives

By the completion of their training graduates will have a comprehensive understanding of the holistic approach of complementary therapies, instruction in practical application of the therapy and personal development of the practitioner, and to assist the student in gaining a true holistic understanding.

What The Reflexology Diploma Course Covers

  • The holistic approach of complementary therapies.
  • Instruction in practical work.
  • The philosophy of complementary medicine.
  • Personal growth and development of the practitioner.
  • Refinement of sensitivity through touch and intuitiveness.
  • History of reflexology.
  • Code of practice and ethics.
  • Anatomy and physiology to include comprehensive knowledge of the body/mind, their functions and dysfunctions, nature of disease and consequential result in the body.
  • Home assignments should include detailed case studies.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the charts.
  • Colour in relation to health.
  • Body symbiology (body/mind connection).

Exam Requirements

  • Written paper
  • Practical
  • Case Studies

Reflexology Training Information


Reflexology is the practice of working pressure points on the feet, hands or head using alternating pressure on specific points which reflect corresponding parts of the body. This in turn creates a response to alleviate stress and tension in the person and deal with every day stressful situations.

Reading the Feet

Reading the feet, by looking at the Stress Cues, this will assist the therapist in assessing the different areas where the stress is highest.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage treatment works on the head, upper back and upper arms. It can be given with or without oils or lotions. Indian Head Massage is excellent for stress related tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas.

Advanced Reflexology

This post-grad course will give you the confidence to treat people suffering from cancer or any serious conditions, covering Maternity Reflexology, Cancer & Palliative Care, Chalation, Meridians and Chinese Reflexology.

Baby Reflexology

This workshop is only open to fully trained Reflexologists

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