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Asthma May Have A Negative Effect On Fertility

A new study has found that women with asthma may have more difficulty becoming pregnant.

Baby Reflexology - Have A Calmer Baby At Your Fingertips!!

Baby reflexology can be a great way to keep your baby calm and easy to handle so that you can easily manage your day and your baby.

Get Rid Of Your Sinus Problems With Reflexology

Reflexology can be used for a number of things, including relief from sinus problems.

All About Reflexology

See this excellent article which explains what Reflexology is, what are its benefits and what you can expect in a treatment.

Reflexology Support For Pregnant Women

This video shows a woman talking about her experience of having reflexology sessions during pregnancy and what benefits she derived from it. 

A Video On Foot Reflexology Concepts

You can watch a short 10 minute video at the link which demonstrates some foot reflexology concepts along with some hand stretching techniques. 

Reflexology And Expectant Mothers

Studies have shown the huge impact reflexology can make on issues important to expectant mothers. 

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