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Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology
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Sheila Nugent School Of Reflexology

Welcome to the School of Reflexology

Sheila is a renowned Holistic Therapist, she has been working in the field of Complementary Therapy for over 30 years. She was one of the first Reflexology tutors to bring Reflexology into Ulster and Connacht in the early 1980's teaching in Cookstown, Donegal, Belfast, Derry, Omagh, Sligo, Galway, Monaghan and Cavan.

Reflexology Courses

Sheila Nugents Reflexology courses are renowned throughout Ireland. Her Reflexology training includes such disciplines as Advanced Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Cancer Care Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology, amongst others. You can study for a Holistic Reflexology Diploma with her.

Sheila is the director and principal of the School of Reflexology , which is one of the largest Reflexology Schools in Ireland with a student pass rate of 90%.

Her Reflexology courses are unique as she teaches the Ingham method and Swiss method of Reflexology within the diploma course.

Energy Healing, Shitsu & More

She has trained in many Holistic disciplines as well as Reflexology, Energy Healing, Bach Flower, Colour Therapy, Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapy, Craino-Sacral Therapy, Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Counselling and Spiritual Healing.

Sheila likes to see herself as a soul/sole healer, supporting another soul on their soul's journey.

Sheila is a wife to Donald, mother to Shéa, Lara & Arúna.

Grandmother to Imogen Meave & Thomas Patrick.

What is Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is the practice of working the reflexes in the feet which correspond to other parts of the body, by using alternating pressure on the feet and specific hand and finger techniques.
Reflexology creates relaxation in corresponding parts of the body. Relaxation is the first step to normalisation and equilibrium where circulation can flow unimpeded and supply nutrients and oxygen to the cells as intended by nature. Our bodies are intrinsic complex structures which under normal circumstances and in most instances should be able to heal themselves. Stressful conditions of today's society leave our bodies so tense that they cannot function correctly - they can't cope - so manifest in all sorts of disorders and disease. Reflexology helps to reverse the effects of stress, so that the body is in a more relaxed state and can therefore heal itself.

Aims and Objectives of Holistic Therapy

The aim of our training is to provide a high standard of knowledge and expertise in all of the therapies, to facilitate the practical application of the therapy to the best therapeutic effect and to assist the student in gaining a true holistic understanding.

Comprehensive Training

By the completion of their training, graduates will have a comprehensive understanding of holistic approach, of complementary therapies instruction, in practical application of the therapy and personal development of the practitioner, refinement of sensitivity through touch and intuitiveness.

Baby & Toddler Reflexology

We are having a Baby & Toddler Reflexology Day on July 22nd for qualified reflexologists. Check out more at the link: Baby & Toddler Day
Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology
Reflexology Courses
Reflexology is the practice of working pressure points on the feet.
Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage treatment works on the head, upper back and upper arms.
Advanced Reflexology
This post-graduate course is only open to qualified Reflexologists, this is a 3 day course in Advanced Reflexology which will give you the confidence to treat people suffering from cancer, also treat all stages of pregnancy and infertility.
Course Dates
Courses are held twice a year the following course dates apply:
Course Venues
Reflexology and Holistic Therapy Diploma Courses are held in:


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